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Valorie creates guided visualization meditations to assist you in healing and transforming yourself into your greater potential and light being. Relax and take a journey with Valorie, a journey within that allows you to nurture yourself, to cleanse and clear yourself, to expand yourself, and to love yourself more fully.

A free guided meditation created by Valorie is on YouTube. Unless otherwise specified, meditations for sale below are downloadable MP3 audio files.

Meditations are individually designed by Valorie. Custom meditations are available.


OPENING TO RECEIVE - Live Meditation

Autumnal Equinox Meditation by Valorie Renee

The Autumnal Equinox marks the change of season. We all experience changes of season in our lives. Follow the path in this meditation to clear your energy and to receive a beautiful gift from a member of your Spiritual Team.

This meditation was recorded live during a meditation event on the evening of the Autumnal Equinox in Hermosa Beach, CA. You receive the meditation exactly as it was divinely channeled. Valorie creates a love-filled environment and channels the meditation directly from Source for individuals wishing to connect to its healing energy.

Use this meditation to enhance your sense of spiritual connection or to reconnect, if you are feeling disconnected. You may also use this meditation to clear and release blockages or simply to feel good and continue creating a sense of peacefulness and calmness in your life.

Duration: 23 minutes.
Download MP3 file: $7.95 USD. (A link for download will be provided through email once payment is processed.)


Order a meditation created just for you or as a special gift for a friend or loved one! See the FAQ for full details on how this works.

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