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Meditation with StrandThe idea for Strands came while Valorie was expanding her pendant line and making her first necklace. As she connected a divinely inspired set of beads together with the sterling silver chain, she held just the strand in her hand and could feel the energetic presence within. Strands can have soothing, calming and grounding effects on our being. They are beneficial and useful during meditation, prayer, healing work, or simply because it feels good to hold one.

Strand creations are individually handmade by Valorie so each piece will have slight variations. Custom designs are available.



Heart~String Strand

Rhodonite is a wonderful gemstone referred to as a "stone of love" due to the healing energy it brings to the heart and the unconditional love that it brings to the physical plane. It helps us achieve our greatest potential, dispelling anxiety and promoting calm assurance. Green Aventurine is used at the heart center to activate and clear, and is an excellent protector of the heart. It balances masculine and feminine energies, enhances creativity, and reinforces decisiveness.

Three rhodonite stones and two green aventurine stones are connected with Sterling Silver chain to form this gently powerful Strand. All stones hand-wire-wrapped. Length: 7-3/4".

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Chakra~Cord Strand

Swarovski crystals are finely manufactured for the highest purity and lustre in each bead allowing us to sparkle as our radiance shines brightly. The colors correspond to each of the seven main chakras, with a smokey color at the base for grounding and a clear color at the top for spiritual light. Each beautiful crystal invokes the powerful color healing properties associated with it, bringing forth color rays that infuse us to heal to a cellular and atomic level.

Nine colorful Swarovski crystals linked together with Sterling Silver chain create this full-spectrum healing Strand. Swarovski crystals individually hand-wire-wrapped. Length: 8-3/4".

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Empowerment~Cord Strand

Tiger's Eye assists with confidence, clarity, awareness of needs (our personal and others'), and new beginnings. Turquoise raises energies to a higher level amd guides us through the unknown, offering protective, healing properties, soothing, and bringing peace of mind, wisdom, and understanding. Hematite provides grounding, calming properties, enhances memory, dissolves negativity, and assists self-control. It helps us realize that self-limiting concepts within our own mind are the only true limitations.

This powerful Strand features a hematite heart, nestled between turquoise, hematite, and tiger's eye stones, two each. Hand-wire-wrapped stones, sterling silver chain. Length: 11".

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